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Activists representing thirty-seven labor rights and sustainability groups from across the globe held a three-day get-together outside Seoul on June 17-20, to share their common experiences in solidarity work and campaigns for a sustainable electronics industry.

At the three-day Global Meeting on a Sustainable Electronics Industry, the activists agreed that their movement is poised to grow thanks to the following reasons:

  • A rise in public awareness of environmental and occupational health, and workers rights;
  • The emergence of a new movement that may grow strong enough to change the lifecycle of  the global electronic industry;
  • The emergence of a new generation of activists such as SHARPS that is raising public awareness of occupational-disease clusters at multinational corporations such as Samsung and that is mounting strong pressure on the government to address the workers safety issue; and
  • An escalation in labor and environmental protests in China.

The activists also identified the weaknesses as follows:

  • A poor level of global coordination between activists compared with a highly integrated global electronics industry;
  • A poor level of resources among the activists compared with a rapidly expanding global electronics; and
  • A need to develop ways to better coordination in order to create synergy, minimize duplication and maximize the impact.

The activists on June 20 joined the daily picket mounted by bereaved families of Samsung leukemia victims, wrapping up Global Meeting on a Sustainable Electronics Industry.  The first-ever global networking conference was planned to mark the tenth anniversary of the International Campaign for Responsible Technology based in San Jose, California.

Global Meeting on a Sustainable Electronics Industry was  comprised of activists representing the following groups (in alphabetical order):

Altogether, Korea

Association of Injured Workers, Korea

Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Hong Kong

Association for Labour Rights Promotion (TALRIP), Thailand

Center for Development and Integration, Vietnam

Citizen of the Earth (CET), Taiwan

Consumer Association of Penang, Malaysia

Dasan Human Rights Center, Korea

Electronic Industry Employees Union Western Region (EIEU Western Region), Malaysia

Globalization Monitor, Hong Kong

Gyeonggi Irregular Workers Support Center, Korea

Hesperian, USA

Indonesian Metalworkers Union (FSPMI), Indonesia

International Campaign for Responsible Technology, USA

ITUC/GUF Hong Kong Liaison Office, Hong Kong

Korea Institute of Labor Safety and Health (KILSH), Korea

Korea Metal Workers Union (KMWU), Korea

Labor Education & Service Network, Hong Kong

Labour Action China, Hong Kong

Local Initiative for OSH Network (LION), Indonesia

National Alliance Federation of Independent Trade Union (NAFITU), Taiwan

NXP Union, Philippines

Oxfam, Vietnam

Pearl River Delta Worker Service Centre, China

People’s Solidarity for Social Progress (PSSP), Korea

Sedane Resource Center (LIPS) Indonesia

Solidarity Centre, Thailand

Supporters for Health and Rights of People in Semiconductor Industry (SHARPS), Korea

Taiwan Association for Victim of Association for Occupational Injuries (TAVOI), Taiwan

Taiwan Labor Information & Education Association, Taiwan

Texas Environment, USA

Thai Labor Campaign, Thailand

Wintex Union, Taiwan

Workers Assistance Centre, the Philippines

Worksafe, USA

Yokohama Action Research, Japan

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