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Unionists and activists from Communication Workers of America, the Santa Clara Central Labor Council, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and the San Jose Peace and Justice Center leafletted outside the Samsung factory in San Jose on May 25 – workers were receptive and interested and some even knew already about what was happening in Korea.

An impressive display of solidarity linking the US and Asia!

Samsung cannot hide forever from victims demanding justice.

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Just published in the latest issue of Hazards (UK quarterly pro-worker journal on health and safety issues) –

an excellent double-page photo spread and article:

Samsung’s shame – Hazards photofile, issue 110, April-June 2010


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Here is a new blog post from Care2 about Samsung and SHARPS – it is excellent and includes a poll at the end asking if Samsung is responsible (94% say yes) and also a number of comments that are quite good (the petition now has almost 4400 signatures)


Blowing The Whistle On Samsung’s Deadly Little Secret

Do you have a television? Radio? Cell phone? Digital camera?

Chances are pretty good that at least one of these appliances is made by Samsung, and even if you don’t see a Samsung appliance now, you’ve probably owned one in the past, or will in the future.

With taglines like “Turn on Tomorrow,” Samsung has gone from a little electronics company to the conglomerate that’s seen everywhere. Although Samsung’s products might be on the cutting edge of technology, most people are unaware of its crude and unfair attitudes toward worker health.

Family members and friends of these workers at Samsung in Korea believe that they have discovered a cancer cluster among young workers exposed to toxic chemicals.

USA Today reported that the company is desperately trying to reassure the public that its products are safe after a January lawsuit involving six people. All six developed leukemia and lymphoma they claim was caused by exposure to radiation and benzene, a carcinogen, in Samsung chip factories.

Last month was the 3rd anniversary of the death of Yu-mi Hwang, a Samsung semiconductor factory worker, who died from leukemia at age 22, but despite public concerns, Samsung has stonewalled.

The company says that Yu-mi’s rare episode of cancer, the miscarriage in the worker that came next and the leukemia in the worker that came after that, all from the same work station, and all the other leukemia sufferers, 10 deaths total- are all still unrelated to conditions inside the Samsung factory, but the families aren’t buying this line- and neither should you.

Despite its public committment to eliminate PVC and BFRs from new models of all its products by 2010, Samsung has only offered up two phones which don’t contain these toxic substances (Blue Earth GT-S7550 and Reclaim M560).

Yu-mi’s family, co-workers, friends and other concerned people have formed SHARPS (Supporters for the Health And Rights of People in the Semiconductor Industry) to demand justice for the dead and safer conditions for the workers who make our electronic gadgets.

Care2 has joined with SHARPS, The Center for Environmental Health, and the Electronics Take Back Coalition to demand that Samsung:

1) accept responsibility for the hazards of semiconductor manufacturing;
2) compensate those harmed; and
3) prevent future suffering and mistreatment of workers by making Samsung a toxics-free model workplace where workers are treated with dignity and respect.

Join us in asking Samsung to come clean regarding the chemical hazards of working in their factories.

Note: No one is sure what actually takes place on Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing lines (because Samsung doesn’t allow photographs in its semiconductor unit) but it is known that too many workers are dying.

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Workers Memorial Day action was organized by Worksafe in Oakland, California on April 28.  There was lots of solidarity for the Samsung campaign! Warmest thanks for the solidarity shown by Worksafe! Every action counts.

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On April 28, Korean online citizen news site OhMyNews has reported about Stop Samsung WordPress blog, the 62 signatures so far on the petition “Enough is Enough” and an interview with professor Charles Levenstein, UMass Lowell professor emeritus, co-author of “The Point of Production”, and Co-founder of ‘the International Campaign for Responsible Technology. The link to the Korean article is here:

An earlier related article in English, “Workers have the right to know”, interviewing Boston University Professor Dr. Richard Clapp is here:


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Yongwook Kim/PM 5:45 at 2nd April 2010, Chamsesang website.

SHARPS ask Samsung to be responsible for the death in the funeral ceremony in 2nd April.

In 2nd April, there was a funeral ceremony of a female worker who died because of blood cancer developed after she worked in On-Yang city  factory in Samsung semiconductor industry. The family of Ji-yeon Park headed for a crematorium in Sung-Nam city after they finished the funeral ceremony at the Seoul St. Mary Hospital at 10:00 a.m.

Members of SHARPS (Supporters for Health And Rights of People in the Semiconductor Industry) tried to march from Seoul St. Mary Hospital to the main building of Samsung after the funeral ceremony; however, it failed because police prohibited the march.

Afterward, at 12:30 p.m., members of SHARPS got together in front of the main building of Samsung and had a protesting performance for Samsung. 10 members of SHARPS tried to walk around the building of Samsung with a hand picket and a placard, but the performance was ceased because securities of Samsung prevent it. And policemen also ask the people to break up the performance twice, insisting that it is illegal.

After the performance was forced to stop by police and securities, people tried to have a press interview even without a microphone in front of the main building of Samsung at 1:00 p.m. They didn’t shout any slogan, but the police ask the people to breakup the press interview in 10 minutes and they arrested seven protesters. The arrested members of SHARPS shouted to Samsung:  “You are responsible for the death of Ji-Yeon Park.”

http://www.newscham.net/news/view.php?board=news&nid=56140 (Original Korean Article)

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