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ImageWe lost another life of  young  Samsung worker at 7th May. This is the 55th Death from Samsung.

Lee Yunjeong, who had been born in 1980, worked in Samsung semiconductor Assembly & Test factory in Onyang for six years from  1997 to 2003, and got diagnosis malignant brain cancer at 2010.

After two-year suffering from the brain surgery and chemotherapy, finally she passed away at 7 May 2012, in her age of 32, leaving the loving husband and two children.

Lee Yunjeong had applied for Workers’ Compensation to the Governments, which is one of Korean social insurances, but the Governments refused to compensate her because she could not prove which toxic chemicals she had been exposed to.

Lee raised lawsuit against the Governments’ decision at 2011, but could not survive long enough to see the result of lawsuit. Samsung has involved the lawsuit by hiring lawyers to support the Governments and to prevent the workers and the families from getting compensation.

Her funeral will be held at the morning of 10th May(time in Korea) in front of Samsung headquarter building in Seoul.

Korean Government and Samsung should apologize in front of the death of Lee.
Korean Government and Samsung should guarantee the solemn funeral ceremony can be finished in peace at May 10th.
Samsung should stop undermining the just right of workers to be compensated, and respect the labor rights.
Korean Government should compensate to all the victims from electronic industry including Samsung.

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