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In July 2010, workers from Samsung electronics factories including Samsung Electromechanics Philippines heard about the struggle of leukemia victims in Korea who had worked for Samsung.

In these two video messages, workers who faced unjust layoffs (with pretext of ‘not meeting requirements’ despite years of experience) and unsafe working conditions speak to Korean Samsung worker victims. One of the videos is from the mother of a laid-off worker.

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Samsung is the world’s largest maker of memory chips, LCD flat screen televisions, and the number two maker of mobile phones. Group sales increased 17% to 37.9 trillion won.

The company boasts of its outstanding sales and profits: http://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/news/newsIrRead.do?news_ctgry=irnewsrelease&page=1&news_seq=19937&rdoPeriod=ALL&from_dt=&to_dt=&search_keyword=

Meanwhile, to their workers, Samsung cries ‘global crisis’, keeping workers illegally on contract basis for as long as seven or more years and brutally terminating their jobs at will, all along ensuring also that the workers can never succeed in forming a union to defend their rights.

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Park Jiyeon (1987~2010) began to work in Samsung semiconductor factory at the age of 18. Her job was to test the microchips using various chemicals and X-rays (radiation). She got acute leukemia (a kind of blood cancer) at age 20. Finally she died last March, before achieving workers compensation from the government. This is the first part of her documentary made in 2008.


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