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Every word and action that calls on the Samsung corporation and Korean government to protect workers and compensate for their work-induced illnesses will give strong encouragement to the workers and hasten the day of justice for the victims!

If you also want to help, we suggest the following:

1) take a picture containing any kind of symbol of Samsung and send a protest message to either this government or Samsung.
The examples of messages are:
   “The victims must get National workers compensation as soon as possible”
   “Samsung must accept responsibility for the victims, not conceal the facts”
   “The government should not ask for evidence of work-relatedness, but give compensation to the victims”
   “Workers of Samsung, don’t wait anymore. Speak out your voices, and unite!”
   “We will remember all the victims to change Samsung, to change this world.”
There are so many symbols of Samsung around. People could take a picture of the company logo from their possessions and the street.
Among them, our recommendation is the Samsung headquarter building or their service center named “Samsung Digital Plaza”.
Once people take a picture, we will suggest them to send the picture to SHARPS or to upload the picture at our website by themselves.
We will collect all the pictures and use them for our publicity actions, for example, an exhibition at May day rally or Ji-yeon’s memorial event, or a photo stories at our blog or our news letter.

I think people can find out the logo of Samsung easily at any country. Of course it will be great If people can make a protest rally in front of Korean embassy or huge factory of Samsung, but very small symbol will be okay too. Because even only one person can participate this kind of solidarity action.

2) Make your action on May 18 – May 18th will be the 49th day from the day of Ji-yeon’s death.
There is a Korean trandition, a mixture of Buddhism and Confucianism culture, named “49-jae”, pronounced as “Sah-sip-kwo-jae”.
At the 49th day from a death, the families have a service for the repose of the dead to a better place.
People believe this service can help the dead go to the heaven not to the hell, and make “the future life” better.

SHARPS will have a memorial event for Ji-yeon at her 49-jae, in front of the Samsung headquarter building. We will pray for Ji-yeon’s peaceful rest, and for better future for all the victims – it means the future without exploitation by Capitals, without poverty, without suppression of labor right, and without toxic chemicals. It will not be religious. We just take the opportunity to let people remember what happened and to speak out our voices.

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The Central Labor Council in San Jose turned out in large numbers to hear what is going on with Samsung and how SHARPS is leading the important struggles there.  Here is a photo of some of the people there who send their solidarity to SHARPS in support of Workers Memorial Day. Watch out, Samsung! Workers throughout the US are learning of Samsung’s real face – not a responsible family -friendly corporation, but a corporation that destroys workers and families and never allows workers to form independent unions.

Labor Council of San Jose, California show solidarity to Samsung workers of Korea

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Workers Memorial Day action was organized by Worksafe in Oakland, California on April 28.  There was lots of solidarity for the Samsung campaign! Warmest thanks for the solidarity shown by Worksafe! Every action counts.

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Marking Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28, the Center for Environmental Health in the US has called for support for Samsung electronics workers who are dying of leukemia due to occupational exposure, and to add to the voices demanding that Samsung take responsibility for the workers’ health and labour rights.

They have gathered 580 signatures so far!

See their article and signatures at this link:


Warmest thanks to all the supportive brothers and sisters and CEH!

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On April 28, Korean online citizen news site OhMyNews has reported about Stop Samsung WordPress blog, the 62 signatures so far on the petition “Enough is Enough” and an interview with professor Charles Levenstein, UMass Lowell professor emeritus, co-author of “The Point of Production”, and Co-founder of ‘the International Campaign for Responsible Technology. The link to the Korean article is here:

An earlier related article in English, “Workers have the right to know”, interviewing Boston University Professor Dr. Richard Clapp is here:


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