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Yongwook Kim/PM 5:45 at 2nd April 2010, Chamsesang website.

SHARPS ask Samsung to be responsible for the death in the funeral ceremony in 2nd April.

In 2nd April, there was a funeral ceremony of a female worker who died because of blood cancer developed after she worked in On-Yang city  factory in Samsung semiconductor industry. The family of Ji-yeon Park headed for a crematorium in Sung-Nam city after they finished the funeral ceremony at the Seoul St. Mary Hospital at 10:00 a.m.

Members of SHARPS (Supporters for Health And Rights of People in the Semiconductor Industry) tried to march from Seoul St. Mary Hospital to the main building of Samsung after the funeral ceremony; however, it failed because police prohibited the march.

Afterward, at 12:30 p.m., members of SHARPS got together in front of the main building of Samsung and had a protesting performance for Samsung. 10 members of SHARPS tried to walk around the building of Samsung with a hand picket and a placard, but the performance was ceased because securities of Samsung prevent it. And policemen also ask the people to break up the performance twice, insisting that it is illegal.

After the performance was forced to stop by police and securities, people tried to have a press interview even without a microphone in front of the main building of Samsung at 1:00 p.m. They didn’t shout any slogan, but the police ask the people to breakup the press interview in 10 minutes and they arrested seven protesters. The arrested members of SHARPS shouted to Samsung:  “You are responsible for the death of Ji-Yeon Park.”

http://www.newscham.net/news/view.php?board=news&nid=56140 (Original Korean Article)

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